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Key Contacts

Gym Ownership

Andrew Bolinger is a strongman competitor and promoter active in the strength sports community. A Control Systems/Automation engineer during the day, Andrew has spent the last few years setting up and running the gym. Anything Strongman related, or questions about the facility or membership should be directed towards him. His email is

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Powerlifting Coaching

Bryce Krawcyzk, the owner of Calgary Barbell, is a world class coach and powerlifter in the IPF. A former world deadlift record holder and IPF silver medalist, Bryce's knowledge is invaluable to both his athletes and The Strength Edge Community. Questions about advanced powerlifting coaching should be directed towards him. You can contact him at

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General Fitness & Powerlifting Coaching

Sandra is a personal trainer, competitive powerlifter, lover of the outdoors and mother to two teenaged boys. She is passionate about health and strength training in all its forms - mental, emotional and physical. Sandra believes our bodies are the physical foundation on which everything else is built: if they're strong, so can everything else be. Sandra's goal is to take the awkwardness and intimidation out of lifting heavy, particularly for those who don't think it's for them, specifically women, beginners, and ageing populations. She wants people to experience their best lives and rediscover the joy of living inside a body that moves with ease, vitality, strength and confidence. If this resonates with you, send her an email at

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