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The following is a quick tour of some of the stuff at the gym. Some of the specific equipment includes:

  • 24/7 access system.
  • Competition bars (Power Bars, Squat bars, Deadlift bar, safety squat bar, cambered bar, swiss bar, etc.)
  • Dumbbells up to 150s, and a set of 200s.
  • Atlas stones from 75 to 420lbs. Tires from 200-900lbs
  • Full set of kegs and sandbags
  • An array of logs and axle bars
  • Farmers walk, frame, and yoke walk
  • Prowlers, sleds, harnesses, ropes (for truck/sled pull).
  • An arm over arm pulling platform, and a Glute Ham Raise
  • Viking press, car deadlift(both outside)
  • Monolift, reverse hyper, lat pulldown, seated row, cable crossover
  • Competition ER Racks, challenge calibrated plates
  • Woodway Treadmill, Xebex Rower, Elliptical and bikes
  • Leg Curl/Extension, Pec Deck, Seated Calf Raise, Seated Shoulder Press, leg press
  • An array of power racks
  • 2 platforms, plus deadlift blocks/jack
  • Free Chalk